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Welcome to the Tech Reformation – where the world of technology meets the worldview of Christianity. Tech Reformation is a weekly podcast hosted by four Reformed Christians discussing the latest tech topics and how the Christian worldview impacts and interprets the often secular world of technology. Grab your USBs and ESVs and join us each week for the Tech Reformation!

Tony Reinke is a journalist, author, and senior teacher for Desiring God. Tony’s focus on Christian theology and ethics has led him to write a number of books examining technology’s influences, including his latest: God, Technology, and the Christian Life.

Is technology morally neutral? Has your smartphone truly changed your life? Do the various online platforms shape how we communicate and what we value?

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Using Technology in a Christian Way



If you are a Christian, you likely use technology in one way or another. Whether connecting with people or researching potential churches and organizations, technology is an integral part of the world we live in today.

However, if we’re not careful how we use this technology, it can become a distraction that takes away from our spiritual lives.

-To keep up with modern life while still honoring God in all things, there are several steps you can take:

Learn how to use technology without letting it rule you.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and you can be in control of your technology instead of letting it lead you.

You don’t have to check your phone every five minutes. (It’s probably not as important as you think.)

You don’t have to always keep your phone with you—leave it in a drawer somewhere if need be.

Your brain will survive without always getting texted from everyone who has ever known you in any capacity whatsoever.

And whatever you do, for the love of God, do not bring up politics on an airplane or anywhere else where people are concentrating on something other than their phones (or maybe even yours).

Understand the Christian perspective of technology in a modern context.

Understanding the Christian perspective of technology in a modern context is essential.

Technology is not inherently wrong, nor will it lead us down a path of destruction. It is a tool that can be used for good or evil purposes.

If we are wise and careful about how we use it, technology can help us become more effective at work and hobbies, make our lives easier, and increase efficiency by saving time and energy.

Use technology to strengthen your faith and promote a healthy spiritual life.

  • Use technology to connect with other Christians. You can chat with friends and family, participate in online Bible studies and forums, or join a Christian community on Facebook.
  • Use technology to study the Bible. Many Bible-based apps allow you to read Scripture, search for verses, look up words in context (something called Strong’s Concordance), or find passages related by theme (such as the Beatitudes).
  • Use technology to learn about your faith. Many websites explain the basics of Christianity, like who God is and what he wants from us; some even discuss more profound theological concepts such as justification by faith alone or what happens after death.

Some churches even have blogs where they post sermons or reflections from their leadership team.

  • Use technology for prayer–or spiritual warfare against evil spirits. Suppose you’ve ever wanted help finding strength during times of temptation but felt uncomfortable talking about it with someone else or writing down your struggles on paper in front of other people at church meditation sessions. In that case, we recommend using guided meditation apps like Headspace, which offer step-by-step instructions explicitly designed for beginners struggling through difficult periods while still leaving room for open-ended questions if needed. There aren’t any hidden fees involved, so no worries there either.”

Create a safe digital space just like you would in the physical world.

In the same way, you would create a safe space in the physical world, and it’s essential to create a secure digital space for yourself.

Make sure you have healthy boundaries between your work life and personal life. Your boss shouldn’t be able to reach you after hours unless there is an emergency that requires immediate attention.

Don’t let them think they can influence your relationships just because they have access to your information 24/7.

Technology is not inherently wrong.

Technology is not inherently wrong, but it is vital to have boundaries and ensure it doesn’t take over your life. It can be used for good or evil and can be addictive, isolating, and distracting.

We must keep this in mind when using technology. We need to know when to stop using technology, so we don’t get too caught up with it.


In conclusion, we can see that there are many ways to use technology in a Christian way.

It is important to remember that God gave us this tool for our benefit, so let’s use it wisely.